Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Random Thoughts

The weather has turned warm and the boys of summer are playing baseball again (click here and scroll down to July 14, 2003 post for more on the greatest game). This all does my soul a world of good.

Last weekend we travelled back to Zion National Park with 40 friends. Half of those who went were kids. Our community has changed in this way, dramatically. It takes something away from our adult interaction energy level (taking care of our 20 kids), yet it brings more meaning than we've ever had. These kids are our mission. They are our life. They are the present and the future. We parents straddle the line between the present and the past. These kids may be all we can focus on right now. And that might be the greatest blessing of all.

Dave Carder called me from his new home in Iceland yesterday. How good to hear his voice. We are a scattered community, his call made me realize.

Tori started riding her bike again yesterday (for first time in over a year) and she called a classmate on the phone last night (her first social phone call). Very strange.

Lucas turns one next month (May 26). That's mind-boggling.

Also by the end of next month I will have completed 42 hours out of 89 toward the J.D. It's been at least double the work I anticipated it would be.

This is the first week in 2005 that I haven't had to rush constantly. Oh, that it would last.

I loved reading Cheryl's & Andy's "100 lists." Perhaps I will do one too here at the old Soul Vent in the not-to-distant future.

Until then . . .