Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just Plain Busy, and the Year of the Cub

Yikes, things have been nuts. I'm an editor for the law review, which is like taking a class where you have to edit other people's scholarly legal articles so they can be published in your school's published journal. Those articles have been coming in every week this semester, so I have spent every spare second (when I'm not either working, in class, otherwise studying, or spending moments with the family) working on those. The weekends and weekdays are all blurring together.

On top of that, we're moving 100 miles an hour on trying to figure out our future plans since I have to get registered for a bar exam (which is itself a long, complicated process) within the next few weeks.

Thanks be to all that his holy that we took a week's vacation back before all of this hit, because it's about the busiest I've been during this whole four-year ordeal.

Oh, and Darren called to offer me first dibs on some Cubs Spring Training Tix at Cashman Field in March. I'm definitely in! I want to be able to say I was there with them all the way during the year they won their World Series, and if you've been following the off-season moves, you know this really will be the year!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Aplogies, and a Cool Marco Island Sunset

Just realized that I have inadvertantly been keeping my blog comments in a moderator's folder. So today I just read several months worth of comments that I've never seen previously. So apologies to Tommy, Gregg, Ernie, Andy, Sherrie, Phil, and anyone else who had cool things to say, yet didn't get acknowledged, let alone posted!

And to the one unrecognized poster who told me off for censoring him -- it's my blog, pal, not a public forum. I'll censor if I wish. Sue me. (just practicing for my next career.)
Enjoy the photo from our trip, unrelated in all ways to the text of this post.