Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry . . . Happy . . .Season's . . . Peace

Big culture war: saying "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays."

Everyone is fired up and can tell you why their perspective is correct (on both sides of the debate).

I even had to hand write "Merry Christmas" on the"Season's Greetings" cards that I sent out through the firm -- so as not to offend those who would be offended by those cards that were printed so as to not offend those who . . . . (I'm getting confused).

Then I got a card from friends that simply stated "Peace on Earth." (It didn't say "Merry Christmas." It didn't say "Happy Holidays.") Ingenious! Seriously!

For those who insist on "Merry Christmas": you have to admit that "Peace on Earth" is better. It is straight out of the Luke's account of the Christmas story ("Merry Christmas" doesn't appear anywhere in the old Holy Writs, after all).

For those who insist on something more generic like "Happy Holidays:" you have to admit, "Peace on Earth" is a universally acceptable wish that is hard to argue with. What world religion (or lack there of) wouldn't want to see peace on earth?

And, back to the "Merry Christmas" fans, the phrase "Peace on Earth" might actually invoke someone's curiosity and lead to a meaningful conversation. Those other phrases are leading only to debates -- not very productive for anyone.

I think this is an illustration to me of how we would rather debate than love. And I have to thank my friends who sent that "Peace on Earth" card -- even if they didn't know I would overanalyze it like this!

So, to all who may still be reading, . . . . peace on earth!