Tuesday, February 01, 2005

February, the Month of Depression

I remember hearing many years ago that February is the darkest month for many people. Lots of depression, even suicides. When I lived back east, and it was freezing cold and dark (still) in February, it made sense. Not sure why it still applies here in the desert, but it seems to me that it does.

I think it started a couple of weeks early this year. No wonder, it rained & flooded for about a month straight, and everyone I know has been sick at leat once this winter. I notice it in subtle ways. For myself, I'm anxious and grumpy about everything. For my friends around town, I just notice a spirit of apathy. Not showing up to stuff. Not calling or e-mailing as much, etc. We tend to get negative and critical (although I'm quite capable of getting that way no matter what month it is!).

So I ask myself, and all of you, how is it going?