Thursday, March 22, 2007

Exams, Travels, & the Irony of it All

Examinations are upon me, at a strange time. I have my final exam in Tax class Friday night, and my mid-term in Evidence class Monday night. Needless to say, strange scheduling and a bit stressful.

Last week I spent a glorious day in the desert with Andy & Clay Harshman watching some Spring Training Cubs/Diamondbacks action. This is the year! I also had a great time with the Harshmans talking about life on this simple spiritual journey that we are on.

My trip continued with a thoroughly exhausing few days in Indianapolis. I talked with six different attorneys while I was there, met with five or six non-attorneys while I was there, visited family, and walked through a dozen or so houses that were for sale. All of this was the beginning of networking to either find a law job or find a niche for starting my own practice back that way. Overall, good things happened, but I found myself a bit depressed by the state of the economy back there. I could sense the economic uncertainty causing trepidation in many of the professional people I met with. What a strange thing to be trying to move back to a place where things aren't looking up right now! The irony of it all.

I stumbled across an intense community of people intentionally living in a more urban setting just a few miles north of downtown Indy (including Joel Vestal). It was cool to get with them, see them living out community, and hear about their passion for sharing life together. Makes me wonder if simple churches won't mulitply better in non-suburban settings.

Vegas weather, by the way, rocks. Great to come back to dry, warm weather. Also great to be with Rebekah and the kids -- it was too long to be away.