Friday, December 16, 2005

Second Hurdle (kind of) Cleared

I think my foot knicked the second hurdle on the way over, but at least it's behind me now. Around 9:30 last night I finished my last exam of the semester. Exams were brutal this time around. All-in-all, this was the semester from hell. I'm very glad it's over, though it has left me run down and on the verge of being sick. Hopefully a few days of somewhat "normal" life will fix all of that.

And, I'm now 2/3 of the way through law school! That's something.

Now, I can focus more on work and family, and, I almost really forgot, Christmas is just over a week away. My brother told me he had finished his Christmas shopping around Thanksgiving. I didn't even think about doing any until this weekend (though I have to give Rebekah credit, she covered 90% of it for me).

Rebekah and I are going out without the kids tonight. That should be nice. There's hasn't been much of that since last summer.

I'm also looking forward to Sunday night. I should be able to really enjoy celebrating Christmas with everyone then.

And, Adam Hunt and I are hereby declaring the second round of our monthly "All You Can Eat Sushi Monday" this coming Monday at lunchtime. Any takers?


Blogger miah said...

i might barf. but i'll give it a try.

10:29 AM  

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