Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random Thoughts (and I do mean random)

Time flies during one's thirties -- I can't believe it is December already.

I really want to go visit everyone in Vegas. We could try to squeeze in a weekend in February, but we could probably stay a lot longer if we held out for Tori's spring break in April. I really do want to go -- it's really messed up to get so close to a few people and then suddenly not see them at all for five months.

We enjoyed hosting both sets of parents and my brother's family on Thanksgiving. It was a good day, yet so strange that we were hosting everyone. Things do come full circle.

25 degrees with high humidity is just plain crazy cold.

Signs I'm old & responsible: I went to a Chamber of Commerce Luncheon (for work), a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and a School PTA breakfast (with Tori) this week. I'm becoming so civic.

Chevy Chase gained a lot of weight between Cops & Robbersons (2004) and Vegas Vacation (2007).


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