Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Holy Water . . . & Law School
Last night I had some spiritual moments with the concept of "water." We did 8 minutes of silence at the Apex Gathering, and I could hear the flowing water sound form the Lutehran baptistry, which started the flow of imagery. I felt like I was dry, and God was ready to give me a flowing stream. Let's hope! It all started earlier in the day at house church. Doug, Ernie, & I began the day by dangling our feet in the Caldwell's pool. Sounds queer, I know, but it was rather baptismal in some strange way.

Not sure that made sense, but it was meaningful to me. Oh yeah, and I'm now officially a part-time law student. Tonight was the beginning. Orientation stuff, which is not very exciting. They are trying to scare us with the difficulty of this course of study. It worked a little. It was weird to be in a room with 140 other people who are all pretty dang smart. I certainly never had that feeling at my undergraduate institution. I'm exhausted and thus I'm rambling, so more later.


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