Friday, August 06, 2004

Countdown to R & R

As of today, I have 25 credit hours in the books toward the goal of the J.D. degree. (There are still 64 credit hours to go, but let's not talk about that right now). I still have to volunteer in the legal clinic the next two Saturday mornings, then the summer session is over.

This Sunday I'll be visiting Indian Creek Christian Church in Indianapolis. They send Apex money every month, so I'm going to give them an update and to thank them for how they've helped us. While I'm in Indy, I get to meet my nephew Brendan (he's seven months old, and I haven't met him yet), see my brother's new house, and spend a few hours with my parents.

I'll be back working for a week, and then, next weekend, the four of us get some time away. I need the healing effects of the ocean, the beach, and no schedule. I'm looking forward to it more than I have ever looked forward to a vacation.

And by the way, I thought last Sunday night was great.

And another by the way, here's some love going out to the Harshmans. They have been showing me the love lately. It's nice to feel that someone has your back.

And, also by the way, even though I would never think to do it anyway, I don't think I'll ever send an anonymous letter or post an anonymous comment! Even though the senders of such sometimes have very pure motives, I've never in my 33 years of life seen anybody react positively to it!

And one more by the way, the Cubs are leading your National League Wild Card Race. Glory awaits in October.!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know Mark Hubbard?

Hope your react positively to this one :)

12:44 PM  

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