Monday, July 26, 2004

Why Am I Doing This To Myself?

No, this isn't an entry about law school, though it could be.

Instead, I'm copying an entry from Jeremiah Smith.  I don't know why I'm doing this because I really don't care about it that much.  I know that those of you who lean toward the Republic side of things might wonder if I'm a Kerry supporter (I'm not) and question my salvation.  I know that those of you who lean toward the Democratic side of things might wonder if I'm a person who only focuses on the abortion issue come election time and therefore if I am a card-carrying Republican (I'm not).  I'm neither and I don't care much about it.  But I thought this was interesting because so often people want to label and therefore don't care to take the time and effort to think.  Life is usually not A or B, but much more complex:

"INDEPENDENCE, Iowa -- Amid a three-day bus tour in which he highlighted his values and cast himself as an acceptable alternative for conservative voters, John F. Kerry was quoted yesterday as saying he believes life begins at conception, but continues to favor abortion rights...."Vatican II is very clear. There is something called freedom of conscience in the Catholic Church," Kerry told the Telegraph Herald of Dubuque in a story in its Sunday editions. ''I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception. But I can't take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist . . . who doesn't share it. We have separation of church and state in the United States of America."from the boston globe "


Blogger Andrew said...

No commit thank you. I’m gona stick to helping and serving my family, friends, orphans and widows – in that order. If the subject calls for me to take a stand, it will be under these categories only. I am a child of God first and foremost and I should love and help appropriately.

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