Saturday, July 10, 2004


There's something really good about going somewhere and seeing life from a different angle for a few days. From 1996 until last year, I averaged nearly a trip per month mainly because of work stuff. This week was my first flight since January. I forgot how healthy it is to get away, if even for 48 hours.

I got to spend quality time with Joe on the way to Phoenix, and even more quality time with Doug (we drove) on the way back from Phoenix. I saw people from previous stages of my life in Phoenix -- they remind me of past experiences and bring back terrific (and terrible) memories.

The day before a trip I'm usually so stressed that I consider not going. The day after a trip I'm usually so exhausting that I wonder why I went. But then thinking back, I realize that I grow more by getting out of my routine, seeing different people, and doing different things, than by anything else I do.

If I ever make significant $$$, I don't think I'll sink it all into a massive house and hot cars. I think my main indulgence would the freedom to go more places more often. To take off for the weekend (or occassionally longer) to go someplace different and experience life there.

Unrelated -- Tonight Rebekah and I are going out to celebrate our ninth anniversary. Damn I'm old.


Blogger darren said...

Especially if that weekend getaway included, but not limited to, a trip to Wrigley. Congrats on the big 1-5!

6:04 PM  

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