Friday, September 26, 2003

More on Multiplying Networks
Neil Cole, Mike Steele, and Tony Dale all have agreed that networks of house churches seem to grow to 15 or 20. I think we've seen here in Vegas that house churches are at their best when they are under 20 people (more like a family than an event). Perhaps it now follows that networks are at their best when they are under 20 churches. When the churches were too big, we started new churches, and each church seemed to get better (usually). Perhaps now we must start new networks, which will potentially make each network better.

How is the next question. Do we focus on Missoula, Reno, Phoenix, etc. as our future networks? Or do we begin to see (not force, but see) what networks are emerging here in Vegas? Do we have a whole new level of de-centralizing ahead (this time de-centralizing networks, not just churches) ?


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