Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Seeing the Glass Half Full
This week I intended to write a positive version of last week's rather negative blog-- what I am instead of what I am not. So here's a quick attempt at being positive in the same way I was negative last week. These statements are really re-statements of some of the points I made last week in my declaration of freedom. This week I'm chosing to see the glass a bit more half-full instead of half-empty. And I added one sports comment just for the heck of it.

I am committed to the "kingdom of God" politics that Jesus laid out in Matthew 5-7.

I am very much in favor of protecting the life of anyone or anything in a position of weakness or in a place where abuse is likely (that includes unborn babies and endangered species, among many other things).

I am committed to following Christ as best as I can understand what that means.

I am involved daily with making disciples / planting churches. I am also involved daily in classes at a law school in hopes of one day having a "trade", if you will.

I am very excited that my Cubbies are still alive (1.5 games out with 12 to go) as of now. I'll say it again, "We're going to glory."


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