Tuesday, August 19, 2003

What Am I Getting Into?
I took Tori with me yesterday to buy my first semester law school books. My eyes popped out of my head both at the price of the books and at the number of pages I will be reading.

Tori explained her day to Rebekah by saying "Mommy, I went to law school." That was scary coming out of a four-year-old's mouth.

Tori was fascinated by the books, though. She asked me what "Torts" means. I started to explain, then admitted that I really don't know yet. I read her a page out of the Torts book, and oddly she really liked it. That concerned me a bit about her, but then I read her a page out of the Contracts book and her eyes glazed over. I guess that means she's OK.

John Veech asked me today if i would be OK defending a murderer. I teased him by responding (with my best attorney's accent), "John, even a murderer has rights."

I can see that this is going to be a very interesting adventure. Buckle up.


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