Friday, May 16, 2003

I should have learned to play an instrument. I spent my junior high years learning to play drums by watching hours of videos on MTV (back when they showed hours of videos). I never got to practice on a real drum set, though, just unsharpened pencils and whatever was laying around the house. For a non-musician, I am into music. About the only way I can get out of a funk sometimes is to put the discman on, sit back in a chair, and get lost in the tunes. Last night I did this to the Caulfields, a typcial mid 90s band that most people have never heard of, but that were able to heal my soul last night. I may be the only person in America who has both of their CDs (I found one here at the Apex Office when we moved stuff).

I grew up on the early 80s American rock and roll bands. Feel free to make fun, but I was into Journey (was there ever really a better rock and roll band?), Styx, Night Ranger, the Doobie Brothers, Mellencamp (I am from Indiana), Rush, etc. I have this three disk Journey box set with their music from 1974 through the early 1990s. As few people as I know who think Journey was that great, I invite you to listen to it all the way through and tell me if you've ever heard a better all-around three-disk music recording. I'm a little biased. I saw them in concert in 1986 and it was very cool.

Anyway, these days I find myself digging two kinds of music (besides all my early 80s reruns). This may tell a lot about me. First, I find myself listening to the Jazz more and more (this fits for me under the category of "mood music" -- it gets me in touch with my emotions). As I listen back to the old Journey stuff, I realize its much the same -- rhythm and blues disguised as rock and roll. Second, I'm listening to the extreme radio more than ever. ANGER MUSIC ROCKS! Sorry. In order to delve into this world just a little, I have a Linkin Park CD and a Foo Fighters CD. That's about as daring as I have gone.


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