Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Loose Ends & A Symbol of Hope
Yesterday was a day full of loose ends. For me, that spells frustration. We re-arranged the Apex Office to prepare for interns to arrive, but had to leave things only about 90% complete at the end of the day. In the process our internet connection went down, which required me to troubleshoot and go look for a part. I thought that was all done, but this morning the internet is moving slow again. As I type this, I notice that my computer keyboard is about to fall into my lap (the tray broke yesterday, and I left it unfixed). We had a staff meeting in which we tried to figure out the Second Sunday formats to begin in June -- a good conversation, but one that was left only about 90% complete. Last night I moved two tons of landscaping rocks from my driveway to my backyard, but I ran out of time to finish spreading them before dark. I could go on, but I imagine the reader could find something more enjoyable to do than read my bitching and moaning.

Yesterday also contained a symbol of hope. This seems silly, but it meant something to me. For the past six months or so, our nerf basketball has been "lost" here at the office. We have a hoop hanging over the door, but it never gets used. We gave up on finding the ball long ago. As we moved a filing cabinet yesterday, we found the ball under the filing cabinet. I'm stil not sure how a ball can be lost under (not behind, but under!) a heavy piece of furniture, and still be shaped like a ball, but I swear that is what happened. Anyway, having the ball back was very fun & exciting to me for some reason.

I think yesterday was a microcosm lesson about life. Minor loose ends remind me of life's major loose ends. And small, seemingly insignifcant symbols of hope remind me of large, significant symbols as well.


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