Thursday, May 15, 2003

Message from an Oracle
Yes, I use that title because I have been Matrix Reloadeded! I will not write about it, though, since I have so many friends who are more movie-savy than I. I will alllow them to blog-review. I just hope they will return the favor when the Cubs get to the World Series this year (then I will have plenty to say).

But, I did get a message from an Oracle of sorts today, and it was about blogging. Hats off to Jeremiah Smith for this stuff:

"here are the stages of blogdom I've experienced:

#1. infatuation
frequent posts. 3-4 a day. you can't get enough.
#2. realization
when reality sets in. the blogging relationship settles into a more realistic pattern. once a day.
#3. disillusionment
why am I doing this? what are my motives? does anybody really read this anyway?
#4. breakup
often referred to as a "fast" from blogging to wrestle with stage #3.
#5. resolution/determination
you return to the blog a new person, not really giving a shit whether anyone reads it or not but finding it cathartic in a
voyeuristic kind of way."


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