Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Bridge

"Prayer is the bridge between my unconscious and conscious life. Prayer connects my mind with my heart, my will with my passions, my brain with my belly. Prayer is the way to let the life-giving Spirit of God penetrate all the corners of my being. Prayer is the divine instrument of my wholeness, unity, and inner peace." -- Henri Nouwen, from The Only Necessary Thing

Those words ring true to me.

Seems like the idea of prayer in the evangelical world, especially here in Middle America, often stays in the conscious level and doesn't act as the bridge for which it is intended.

Prayer has become, in this culture surrounding me, a sprinkle to go over a meal or to open a ceremony or to ease the panic when someone is sick.

Its power, though, comes when it acts as the bridge which Nouwen describes.

Here's to many meaningful crossings.


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