Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life Updates of all Sorts

Been doing some writing, which has been therapeutic. We'll see if it turns into any kind of a finished product some day. That requires lots of time and energy, which I don't have right now. But the bits and pieces may come together over time.

Lucas can really hit a baseball for a three-year-old. May have him play T-ball this summer and see how it goes. He's also starting to learn his letters, though it is a work in progress. He's going to pre-school three half days a week in the fall just to get him into the routine of such things.

Tori is doing well in her advanced classes. She has way too much homework for a third grader, but I think it is good for her to excel at something and push herself a little. She continues to develop lots of friendships with kids from school and kids in our neighborhood.

Rebekah and I have been able to go out without the kids much more in the last few months, which has been great for us. It is one of the things we hoped would happen in this new season of life. We enjoy quiet restaurants and peaceful places -- evidence we are getting old and boring.

Being a lawyer is a good fit for my abilities. I am a person who enjoys thinking, organizing, public speaking, and both persuasive and technical writing. That is what I do all day. I wish I did a bit more public speaking and a bit less of the other things, but alas, most lawyers don't do what we see on TV, and most lawsuits don't go to trial. Been thinking about maybe teaching a class or something on the side to make use of those latent abilities. Who knows.

It has been difficult, though, starting over at the bottom of a profession. My role in professional ministry was an unusual one, yet having done it for a decade and half, I had an idea of what it was about, and felt respected on some level. It's weird to start over at this stage of life.

Several houses are up for sale in our neighborhood this spring. One is in foreclosure, and is a steal of deal. Anybody want to move near us? You can get a great house with a nice yard, lots of space inside and out, great school system, all for only $200,000. I'm talking steal.

Indiana basketball is in a woeful state. Hoosiers have hit the wall after the coaching change debacle, and the Pacers are at rock bottom facing a massive overhaul soon. But the Cubbies are coming, and they are for real this year. Should be a great summer of baseball. This could be the year, and I mean it this time.


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