Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Reflections on Montana, & Other Things

The image I got from therapy in Montana is that of a tightrope. I've been walking on one for most of my life, trying to balance a couple of things that can't be balanced. My job now is to jump off the tightrope, so to speak. And if I don't please everyone, then so be it.
My tightrope walking leaves me anxious and always suspicious that I'm being taken advantage of. So I'm jumping off once and for all. Or at least I'm trying. There's obviously more to it than that, but one can only be so transparent on the old blog.

One more Glacier National Park photo here, because I can't get these incredible images out of my mind.

On Saturday we took Tori & Lucas on the Lost Creek Hike at Redrock. Cool, though not as cool as the photo above. Tori did great -- she is ready to be a hiker. Lucas enjoyed me carrying him for 3/4 of the trail. Not a bad beginning, though.

On Monday, my friend Dave from school and his fiance Carmen came by to pick up a book . We ended up hanging out for several hours and then going out to dinner. It was good to hang out with them spontaneously.

My summer school program starts soon. I'm interning 15-20 h0urs a week in the U.S. Attorney's Office. Should be a fascinating experience. I'm waiting to get my official security clearance from Washington DC before I can start (quite a process). The 15-20 hours a week will actually be one of the easier law school semesters I've had so far, which I'm looking forward to.

And, how I wish I could blog like Darren. His entry about the Cubs made me proud! That's right, the Sox can't mess with us even if we are bad. Barrett probably shouldn't have punched the guy, but at least it shows somebody on my team still cares. I like that.


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Montana changed me inside. I really felt something snap inside the moment I crossed the state line the first time. When we get back, I'll show you the photos from my first visit to Glacier. It's my favorite place on earth.


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