Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just Plain Tired

My faitgue-o-meter is registering near 10 right now. I have taken two out of my three exams (one more next week). We're heading out to Zion National Park for the retreat this weekend. Hopefully that will be refreshing, at least on some levels.

I did rather poorly on the first exam. (It was an online exam, and I actually got a score back right away. That is highly unusual since most law school exams are three-hour essay exams, and the grade usually doesn't come back for over a month. ) I took the second exam last night, and it seemed to go better. I also learned this week that my law review student note, which is the paper I worked on for over six months, is going to be published in next year's Nevada Law Journal. That's a fairly big deal which should help in future job searches. Pretty exciting stuff, though I'm a bit too tired to jump up and down!

Lucas & Tori are loving the backyard. We got Luc a four-foot basketball hoop, and he is spending every waking moment shooting on it. The old "turtle" sandbox is also back up and running.

Rebekah and I have both been very busy since the move. We're looking forward to our week in Montana since it will be a nice break from work, school, and kids, and will give us lots of time to relax and to focus on each other. We are, though, a bit nervous about the trip since we need to take on important issues during our time away, and we have had little time to think about all of that lately. It's coming up in just 10 days!


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You think you had a bad day, try loosing to the Diamondbacks six to nothing.

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