Friday, May 12, 2006

Good Things

Good night: On a last minute whim, I hung out with the group at Stoddards' house tonight. Great conversations. Lots of people carrying heavy loads right now. The honesty and support flowing through the room was awesome, though. Then we went outside and saw that it was a full moon . . . go figure.

Good news: long story short, I just found out via e-mail some encouraing news about that the exam that I thought I bombed (I got 41 out of 60, and the cutoff for an automatic "A" was supposed to be 51). The Prof. was trying to model the exam and the grading on part of the bar exam, but she screwed it up. Now that she realizes her mistake, she is giving A's to anyone who got 34 or above. I just went from a "D" to an "A" on this exam. Still not sure what I got in the class (this exam is only 40% of the class grade, unusually low for law school), but wow, did my fortune just change with that one e-mail!


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