Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I've driven from Vegas to Zion National Park seven or eight times since 1999 (four Apex retreats, an Apex at UNLV retreat, and family trips). Each time I've wondered, as I drove through a town in the middle of nowhere named "Hurricane," why in the heck is a town in the middle of nowhere, in Utah, named that?

Today I stumbled accross the answer. So, in case you care, here it is:

"The City of Hurricane got its name from an 1865 incident in which a sudden gust of wind blew the top off Erastus Snow's buggy. He exclaimed, 'My, that was a Hurricane!' The world famous Hurricane Fault was named as a result of this event, and later, when the town was organized, the unanimous decision was to name it 'Hurricane.' Although the city was named for a hurricane, no such storm has ever occurred here. Actually, the climate is very mild year-round."

Tune in next time for "Why is that river named 'Virgin'?" (Well, maybe not.)


Blogger Monarchrist_John said...

thanks for the trivia. I really miss heading up there with all you folks this spring. Hopefully we'll be able to do it this fall. Only one month left and I'll be back in the saddle. The heat here is unbearable. How nice it would be to sit in the mountains and feel the cool breeze and the soft sun.

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