Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Law Review

I know this won't mean much to most readers, but it does to me. Today I found out that I made law review. I worked myself half to death in June to submit a paper for this. It is an important opportunity for law students, and it should help with getting a job down the road. I was shocked and excited when I got the phone call telling me I had made it.

10 Years of Marriage

This weekend Rebekah & I are taking off to celebrate ten years of marriage. I could write a lot about being married for ten years -- and perhaps someday I will. We have both learned a ton, and we are both happy for the journey so far. We have been blessed to have Tori & Lucas join us along the way. They give us hope.

Heck, to be honest, we're both just thrilled me made it this long! A lot of good people don't.

We are heading off to nearby Lake Las Vegas -- both of us are hoping for a very restful weekend more than anything. I guess we're getting old & boring, but we don't care -- we need rest. Rebekah's parents arrived today to watch the kids for us this weekend.

Until next week, much peace to all.


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Have fun and enjoy your time ALONE together. Ten years is an awesome thing to celebrate!

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