Saturday, July 02, 2005

Forgive me for this one, but I couldn't resist . . .

The Cub's Prayer
Our team which plays in Wrigley, Hallowed be thy field. Thy, Thy games be won on the road as it is in Wrigley. Give us this day our daily win. And limit our losses, as we inflict them on others. And lead us not into errorsbut deliver us from our defensive woes:for thine is the hittingand the pitching, and the fielding, for ever. Amen!


Blogger magel said...

hang in there Greg. miracles do happen. may the blessing of the red sox be upon you.

9:32 PM  
Blogger MaryAnn said...

Hey Greg,

I was driving behind a pick up truck that had a Cubs license plate cover surrounding a license plate that said NXTYEAR. Needless to say, I thought of you...there's always next year.


10:09 PM  

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