Friday, August 27, 2004

Kid in School

In honor of my mom (who is so determined to give my brother and I equal treatment that she counts the number of pictures of each of us displayed in her house to make sure the number is exactly the same) I will follow up my previous entry about Lucas with this entry about Tori.

On Monday, Tori starts Kindergarten. Tonight we're going to the open house at her school to meet her teacher. My reaction: "WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD."

Having a baby or a toddler is one thing. Seeing your first kid now in school, wow, that's quite another.

I'll be alright, though. In fact, you can come by the old folks home and visit me any time you like.


Blogger Geo said...

Wait till your oldest moves to Boston like mine is doing next week! Man am I a big baby!


9:07 AM  

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