Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Breaking the Sacred Addiction
The following rang true for me. If it offends you, I apologize. If it interests you, please read the rest of it (because the ending is very important) on the link below:

"Here's a strong statement: most evangelicals . . . are addicted to church culture. Take away their Sunday service, their bible studies, prayer meetings, and five-song worship teams and they start having withdrawals quickly. I think that it is a necessary part of this process to have a detox time... I would suggest a time of at least a year of not doing the 'normal' church stuff. For us, during that time of detachment we only did a few things together: ask hard questions and eat. Those were our corporate disciplines."

"Let me reiterate . . . that one of the most beneficial things you might do is take a break from all things church for a while. This may seem really counterproductive, especially when you start having people wanting to be a part of your community immediately. But if your aim is to get people to begin thinking outside the bounds of cultural Christianity, some significantly radical action is required."

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quotes taken from "Detoxing from Church" by Jason Zahariades

If your community is stuck in any way, then perhaps taking time to "ask hard questions and eat" isn't a bad idea at all. It's not an excuse for those looking for a way to leave the journey with Jesus, but it is a great idea for those really committed to continuing it.


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