Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Pseudo Electronic Community
Today I visited each blog than I'm linked with to catch up on everyone's "latest." It only took about fifteen minutes, but it was a very meaningful time. As silly as it seems, this crazy idea has allowed me to stay much more connected with you guys. Some would say that is what's wrong with the world, that we spend too much time staring at our computers and not enough time relating face-to-face. And while there is some truth in that, I am pretty sure that I would never be able to find a way to have a deep conversation with ten people today (some of whom don't live on my side of the country) if I had forced it to be face-to-face with all of them.

Would I have known that Meghann is reading under a tree? That Allan writes poetry about throwing my daughter (or some other girl named Victoria) up in the air? That Tommy quit smoking? That Gene fears he is tired of playing cover tunes? That Andy still believes in God? (just kidding) That Jim & Nik are more web savy than the rest of us? That Ramon feels uncomfortable in the exact opposite parts of town than I do? I could go on (sorry if it left you out).

So, for now, I'm a big fan of what is happening here in our virtual community. And I won't use peanutbutter on my next clothing stain.


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