Saturday, November 10, 2007

World Class Rock

I've latched on to a favorite radio station here in Indy: WTTS 92.3 FM. They are based in Bloomington and the Indiana University campus influence is obvious. I listened to it a little back when I lived here 18 years ago. But both the station, and myself, have developed much in our musical tastes since then -- into a common place. You can audio stream them from the web, and I think it's worth checking out.

This week they announced their top 25 albums of the past 25 years. For me, that doesn't go back quite far enough to catch all of my favorites. Yet, it is still a great list (for the most part) which is worth a look, and could spark a very entertaining debate.

And I would have to add one album to the list for sure: Journey "Escape," though I think it just misses the 25 year cut-off. Listen to the whole album before you make fun of me! It's a great jazz recording disguised as corporate rock.


Anonymous Steve Redford said...

Good stuff. Hope you and yours are doing well.


10:50 AM  

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