Saturday, May 05, 2007

Juris Doctor

At aproximately 3PM today, I finished law school.

Last exam done. Last class done.

Actually, because I'm an editor on the law review, publication details will linger on for days (or weeks) still. But for the most part, this chapter of life is behind me.

I'm numb -- no emotion yet.

And the bar exam, which is preceeded by a summer's worth of intense studying and review classes, still awaits. My real sense of relief is scheduled for July 26. That will be big-time party day.

Today is still nice.

People say the JD is the most rigorous academic degree. I believe it. I had no idea what I was getting into. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get this high of a level of education. I have learned a little about practicallly every area of study as a result of this degree. My reading comprehension has skyrocketed. I know how to research and write on a scholarly level. I was even fortunate enough to get published, and to graduate cum laude (not completely sure what that means, except that it is an honor!).

Though I fully intend to practice law now, I feel a sense of freedom that this degree is a great platform for doing whatever life brings my way. It is just a tremendous baseline education.

Though I'm numb, I do have one strong feeling . . . I'm very tired.


Blogger Ramon said...

Gregorio -

congratulations. What a feat!

We know you worked get some rest, brother!

We love you.

Ramon and MaryAnn

11:37 AM  

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