Friday, April 06, 2007

Taking a Leap!

Today we finalized an agreement to buy a house in Fishers, just north of Indianapolis! The deal doesn't close until later this summer, but everything is agreed upon and accepted by us and the sellers.

I am glad we have taken this leap of faith so that we have something in place (at least a place to live) so that we can get on with figuring out all that this means.

I am excited & eager for a new adventure, and one that is truly a leap of faith into unknown. At the same time, I am also sad & a bit bewildered by the fact that we will not be living in Vegas. Each day is surreal for me right now.

I believe we are following our hearts to the right path for what is next, but this is sure strange! It is incredibly more difficult for me to do this at this stage of life than it was a decade ago. So many more implications.

Note to self: Buckle up for an interesting ride!!!


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