Monday, April 30, 2007

More Reflections on DAWN Conference

Many people shared various versions of the same vision God had given them at some point over the past years/decades: a map covered with tiny bright lights. None knew what they were seeing at first. Now many realize it was some version of what we all are longing for: a vibrant kingdom community within easy access of every person in North America. In Vegas, we used to say the same thing with the words "a church within walking distance of every person in Vegas."

I realize now that I had a similar vision (though for me such things are weak and dim, I'm so trapped in my head with so litte access to my heart) back in 1994. It was so dim -- but it was something to the effect of a map with the church multiplying exponentially, repeatedly, successive generation after successive generation. I think it's all the same vision we're seeing. And now we are in early spring. Summer is yet to come -- someday.

The other takeway for me: as we move to a new part of the country and start over with a church of four people, our focus is, as somebody so eloquently stated this weekend, is to invite people into our lives (not so much to invite people to join "our church."). That is such a refreshing perspective. That requires that we live simple lives so that we are both healthy enough to share ourselves, yet still available enough to share ourselves.

On the return flight home, as I studied for my Evidence exam, Rebekah and Tori both had rather divine appointments. A second-grade girl was flying home alone on our flight. We were flying on Southwest, so we had our choice of seats. Tori sat with her. They bonded so quickly. Among many other things, Tori got to answer why we went to Colorado for the weekend. Since we shuffled seats, Rebekah ended up sitting with a lady about her age who had a similar question to pose. What an interesting afterglow to our vibrant weekend away. And, of course, none of it had anything to do with me (Mr. "Don't Talk to Strangers on Airplanes").


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