Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Potential Destination

Our goal is to be nearer to family. One area we are really considering is a suburb just northeast of Indianapolis called Fishers.

Fishers is less than an hour drive from my parents and my brother, and less than a four-hour drive from Rebekah’s parents and one of her brothers. The schools are known to be very good, and the area is rapidly developing. (Yeah, it’s way too cold for me, but nothing is ever perfect.) I am going to spend a few days back there over my spring break in mid-March to re-connect with many people that I have known over the years and to see what opportunities might be out there.

I am also seriously considering starting a private law practice. Many lawyers do this. In fact, the majority of all lawyers work for themselves or for a small firm of just a few people. There is a trend developing toward solo practice in the legal profession. In a way, it’s like the way doctors often are in private practice instead of working for medical clinic. I also think in many ways it is the legal profession’s equivalent to the simple church idea that we have been involved with, though I don’t want to go too far with that analogy.

Without a doubt, it would be easier to start a private practice after working for someone else for a few years. So I’m open to that. Yet I’m starting to see that the difference between those who lead and those who follow is . . . the decision to lead instead of follow. Not necessarily a whole lot else. I plan to meet with some people who are in private practice back in that part of the country to see what their experience has been like. I have no naïve ideas about that being easy. But if I’m going to work hard, I might as well be the one who benefits if things happen to go well.
If you know of a great attorney position available in the Midwest, though, I’m still open to being tempted to slaving away for someone else. Only time will tell.

Hard to think about leaving Vegas behind

In many ways, I am sad about the thought of not living here. Really sad. The excitement of a new adventure tempers my sadness, but still, my best friends in the world will continue to live in Vegas. I will continue to spend too much time on airplanes in the future, it appears.

What becomes of apex? I think apex is a misleading word. It is really a name for a group of God's people, who just happened to meet in homes each week and in a larger gathering each month. It’s no longer so much a thing as it is a family of people. I think that family of people is more than capable of carrying on without me being here. If we really are this relational network of people and communities, then it is high time to go all the way with it and not rely on someone (me) to be the centralized hub of everything (unless, of course, the family decides to appoint someone else to such a position -- I’m fine either way).

And I think Rebekah and I will see a new apex-type-thing develop wherever we move, over time. We’re not going in with a strategic plan or a list of goals. But I can’t imagine that a community of communities won’t emerge around us over time.

So, I think the fact that my family is moving will lead to a multiplication of apex, not a dead-end for apex. That will be up to all of us, though, not just me.


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