Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life Updates

I thought the month of April would be easy, even relaxed. What a fool I am.

There's hope for some down time -- after July 25. Once the bar is over, there should be a couple of weeks to catch my breath. Until then, it just doesn't seem meant to be.

Law review editing has been the major headache the last couple of weeks.

On a more positive note, we had a really positive Apex elders breakfast/meeting this morning. There is a genuine commitment there to continue everything we have worked so hard for over the past decade -- even though I'll be doing it from Indianapolis, and they'll be doing it from Las Vegas. No dramatic moments in our meeting, but yet a real sense of confidence and excitement about all of us continuing on this journey. Something good subtly happened.

My poor Cubs. They are off to a slow start. There's hope for them (Lee & Soriano have both yet to homer, and Zambrano has yet to have a solid start, yet they're still treading water). Sweet Lou will need blood pressure medication before it's over, yet I suspect he'll whip this group into shape eventually. And, the Pacers missed the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Blow it up and start over, Larry Legend!

I'll be spending the weekend in Denver with people on the simple church journey from all over North America. I'm excited to do that -- it's been awhile since I've attended one of those gatherings. I am supposed to meet several people from Indy there, as well. I'm anxious to hear what they have experienced, and if there is any opportunity for us to journey together there.

Tori's getting glasses (and she's very excited about it). I was excited when I got mine in third grade also. Oh how that will change for her in time!

Lucas is a temper maniac. He's also very, very funny (though not so much when he's being a temper maniac).

And that about sums up life right now.


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