Wednesday, March 22, 2006

That's my brother Jason, who just visited from Indianapolis. And those are my offspring Tori (missing two front teeth) and Lucas. But you already knew that.

Hung out with Jason for a couple of days, which was good. Now I'm buried in busyness as a result of my few hours of leisure.

Quick update: we sold the house (so it appears) and we're looking for a new one to move to in late April. I am a law review "symposiuim editor" next year (i'm not sure what that means either), and my summer school class will be a 15-hour per week internship at the U.S. Attorneys Office (a great opportunity). Apex is planning a real sunrise service on Easter (like outside where the sun really rises). It should be cool, and it was not my idea (which makes it even cooler, I think). Rebekah and I are taking much-needed week away without the kids in May, which should be exciting and meaningful. I'll tell more about that in a separate post. And, as you can tell, i've been too busy to blog lately.


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