Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moved, & other stuff

We moved. Moving teaches one . . . not to move. Yikes. We love the new place and the new neighborhood, but moving is a pain. Even when you use movers. We rushed through the packing process, which keeps one from taking full advantage of one's movers. And that leads to an extreme case of not being able to find anything. You can only live so many hours when you can't find anything (spoons, tootbrushes, you know the routine). We've found most everything now. We even took an hour away from the chaos to walk the new neighhborhood last night. It sure is nice out here in the foothills. Peaceful and relaxed. And we have an unexpected great view of the strip from all of the upstairs bedrooms. I'll post a photo as soon as we find the camera.

Exams are upon me once again. The next two weeks will be filled by that. It's amazing how much a mind can absorb in a very few days when it has to.

Since classes are over I'll have a few evenings to visit some house churches I haven't been able to hang out with for awhile.

A little more move venting, just for fun. I called Cox several days before the move and asked them to come connect our internet at the new house on our moving day (last Thursday), and disconnect our old service at the old house the next day, on Friday. I cleverly thought this would ensure that we didn't have a lapse in service. (insert evil "I'm in control" laugh here). Plan backfired by incompetent new guy at Cox. First, after hanging up from my clever phone call, I tried to go online to discover that my internet had been instantly disconnected. So I called Cox again (call #2). Later, Rebekah discovered they had disconnected her e-mail, which led to call #3. Then, we moved. I reconnected on Thursday and everything worked beautifully. Greg relishes in his control!!! Then on Friday, you guessed it, new service was disconnected along with old service. Call #4 to Cox. Clever Greg tells them to go ahead and reset our e-mail accounts because he knows that will eliminate call #5. Cox #$%^ that up anyway, leading to call #5. Lesson learned: there is no way to get out-of-control people to play along with my schemes to stay in control. Give up!

Venting over! We really do love the new place.


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