Monday, January 03, 2005

Winning Back Our Connections

"We only call for spirituality when our brokenness has reached a high point, when we can no longer bear our alienation and call out for some greater authority to heal our emotional suffering. We only cry for the spirit when alienation is advanced, when we feel debilitated and numbed by our dividedness."

"A new secular myth has grown up in our midst, and this is the myth of technological connectivity. It is a direct copy of our deep spiritual yearning, our desire to overcome our alienation, and it is doing very well at copying this yearning, and that is why connectivity is the number one international industry in the world today."

"This brave new world is based on computers, Internet, World Wide Web, email, link-ups and mobile phones, a proliferation of new and marvelous inventions that seek to put us in touch with each other."

"The new technology is a parody, an imitation which copies a spiritual connectedness that many of us have never experienced, but can only guess at."

"The hope for the future is that we can overcome our obsession with imitation, stand-ins, substitutes and copies, and face the nature of the real. Not just the surface real, but the deep real, from which surprising, alarming and transforming things emerge."

(taken from the Spirituality Revolution by David Tacey)


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