Monday, November 29, 2004

Strongholds (?)

That is a spiritual-babble word that could mean many different things. To the extent it refers to things that, though not evil in and of themselves, yet cannot be abolished even though they limit our spiritual health & life, here are some:

  • Denominationalism (how it demands we be brand-name Christians)

  • The Nation/State (how it confuses our ability to really pursue Kingdom)

  • Industrialization's Work Schedule (how it requires a 40+ hour/week on set work schedule)

  • Modern Concept of Time (slavery to the watch, calendar, PDA, & deadlines)

  • Enlightenment/Age of Reason (making logic supreme to emotion/spirit)

  • Legalism/Fundamentalism (stressing "Christian lifestyle/culture" over knowing Father)

  • Materialism (making cost of "living an average life" astronomical)


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