Thursday, December 09, 2004


The current debate is whether truth is absolute or relative. As with most debates, it is an oversimplification of a complex issue. I prefer to see it this way:

1) Truth is Personal

Jesus (a person) is "truth." They asked Jesus what to do to be good; He answered with who is good.

2) Truth is Perspectival

All knowing is from a particular perspective. (Of course, this thought can be taken too far, but that does not change its reality).

In western culture, we follow "I think, therefore I am" (from Descartes). However, in African culture, it's "we think, therefore I am."

In western culture, we think time is a succession of moments ticking off a clock. In African culture, time is a succession of experiences.

We need each others' perspectives to really see "truth."

Truth is marching orders of how we live together.

3) Truth is Practice-able

You don't defend truth, you live it.

(paraphrase of presentation by George Hunsberger)


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