Saturday, October 02, 2004

Depressing End of a Season

My beloved Cubs just collapsed in the final week and got eliminated from the playoffs. It's sad in a way, and it's symoblic of an overall downer week for me right now.

On the one hand, pro sports is a stupid addictive waste of time anyway, and it's good that I'll save some time each day following it. On the other hand, baseball is part of the essence of who we are as a people quite unlike any other sport, and it's always sad when another season slips into yesterday.

Hope springs eternal. Next year will be our year. And I mean it this time!

There are lessons to be learned. After a long season when a team has lost many games, all feels hopeless. Yet it's not. There will be wins next year -- maybe even the World Series. And such is life. We get focused on the negative, the things that go wrong, the "losses" we suffer, and when too many of them come in too short of a time, we think there's no hope.

Yet, just like the fact that a ten game winning streak can always start tomorrow, life too can turn around in a hurry.

So please apply this to your family, your church, your personal problems, etc. I know I will. I'm not focused on the losses of this passing season. I'm preparing for next season's victories. And most of all, I'm looking for a few people to join me -- a few people who know what it takes to be on a winning team.


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