Thursday, September 02, 2004

Unrelated Thoughts on Many Unrelated Things

1) I'm living a "B" life. I'm too busy being church guy to get A's in law school, and too busy being in law school to get A's as church guy (whatever that would mean).

2) Rebekah is cool and we're in the best place we've been in awhile. We still annoy each other at times, but for some reason, we laugh it off and move on these days. After nine years of love, we're starting to really like each other.

3) I get very frustrated by many people who refuse to suffer in order to grow. There comes a day when we must grow up and quit worrying about ourselves so much.

4) Tori is flourishing so far in Kindergarten. I have been impacted by the beauty of some of you in your homeschooling philosophy. I'm somewhat persuaded. Yet my own story is one of going to public school, and in spite of its many drawbacks, there is some beauty there as well. It's one of those issues that makes us stronger because we have some diversity among us. And, in all honesty, if I had more cash, I'd send my kids to a private (though probably not Christian) school.

5) There is more traffic and longer lines on Thursdays than any other day of the week. Am I nuts, or has anyone else noticed this?

6) If had the time and energy, I would: learn how to surf, hike the Grand Canyon, run a full marathon, and call my family more often.


Blogger nicki said...

why not a Christian school? Not all of them are bad, and you would be surprised that they don't conform your childs brain to their believes. A good one will only use a Christian curriculum, not preach at a child. There is nothing wrong with a child reading about Jesus in a sentence of a language paper. So before you say probally not a Christian school, think again, since most Christian parents instill values and respect in there children.

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