Tuesday, September 28, 2004

(Note added on Thursday, 9/30: I've cursed them by the entry below! Since posting they've lost three in a row, and two of those in the 12th inning . Three games to go, and we're 1 game out, but playing really badly. Reality says it's over. I'll cling to naive hope.)

Breaking the Silence for Cubbie Countdown 2004

I have much to express eventually, and it may be deep and depressing (considering the Ohls difficult season combined with the Carders & Harshmans decisions to relocate, etc.).

But for now, it's time for the 2004 version of the "Going to Glory Update" (those who read my blog this time last year will remember).

The Cubs are 1 game ahead in the National League Wild Card with six games left. "We're going to glory!" For those who think (as I often do) that pro sports are stupid and greed-motivated, and that and I shouldn't be so into it, please realize that I have rooted for my Cubbies since 1982, and since then they have never won the World Series, they have only teased me with the playoffs four times in those 22 years, and they have never had back-to-back winning seasons until now, and never had back-to-back playoff seasons until (cross my fingers) this year. Go Cubs. I still believe.

And anybody who wants to endure a long, drawn-out (though potentially life-changing) explanation of why baseball is still the greatest game on earth, schedule lunch with me (better set aside two hours) and I'll be happy to share!


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