Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Getting to the Core of It All
Please find time to read Cheryl's blog entry from today, June 15.

I think that's it. I mean, things like:
*having a large Gathering once a month instead of once a week
*being a network of simple churches that meet in homes
*being family more than being a business

all mean absolutely nothing at all unless . . .

We love each other in a counter-cultural, "weird" (hey, what's wrong with those people?) kind of way.

We're not there yet. And it's my fault. And it's your fault. And we still have a chance to get there, which is really exciting.

And it's not about guilting each other into it. And it's hard (almost impossible) becasue our schedules are so full and our stress levels are so high and our relational skills are so bad. (thank you very little to the church, and thank you very little to past generations for failing to pass on relational skills to us).

Yet, we must hold out hope that we can become true family with one another. There's not much hope for us, for our city, for our culture, or for our world if we can't.


Blogger Alicia said...


Thank you for your comment. I believe it was a big mis-understanding. And I have learned from it... I understand where Apex is heading, And at first I didn't think I was ready for that. Even though the news shouldn't have been such a shock, it was. This is Alicia your talking to... the girl that doesn't like "change". =o) And I know that that is what life is about. Nothing I can do to stop it. I am sorry if I caused some sort of uproar... that was not my intentions. Thank you for taking the time to say you were sorry. Although, you didn't do anything. ;o)


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