Sunday, December 21, 2003

Random Thoughts
Last night I went with Apex Staff & spouses to see Joe perform in Tina & Tony's wedding and for dessert at the Voodoo Lounge. It was our Christmas Party of sorts. It was simple, yet it bonded us closer. Time spent together, especially over food, is always time well spent. I feel less apologetic all the time for calling this "church."

My parents get here from Indy early tomorrow morning. They haven't been here since February, so there's a lot to show them (they haven't seen the house we're living in, the house we're building, "pregnant" Rebekah, the law school, the Christ Lutheran church building, etc.).

Yesterday at noon, I officially completed my first 10 hours of law school. I have made some new friends already (which was one of the reasons for doing this), I've learned a ton of law already (just enough to be dangerous), and I'm exhausted. It truly was much harder than I anticipated, and I did not aniticipate that it would be easy.

This week will be time with family. Next week will be a week of reflection about the law school decision and about what needs to be the focus for Apex in 2004.

Happy Christmas.


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