Friday, December 12, 2003

First Annual "Bloggy" Awards (hopefully not the last)
In honor of another year coming to an end, I'll throw out my "Bloggy Awards." First, some disclaimers: awards are from a subjective list of candidates (blogs I happen to read or know of), I only spent a few minutes thinking about this, and if you're offended because I didn't include you (or because I did), then sorry, and better luck next year.

Funniest Blog: Tommy Peterson (you can't go wrong with cat turds)

Most Beautiful Blog: Heidi Stokes

Most Creative Use of Verbal Style in a Blog: Doug Citizen

Most "Cute" Blog: Emma Citizen

Most Poetic Blog: Sean Critchfield

Most Often Visited Blog: Joe Boyd (I always use Joe's blog link list to surf! who doesn't, really?)

Least Updated Blog: Gene, the Guitar making Machine


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