Thursday, July 17, 2003

A Little Bit About A Lot of Stuff

The House: Looks like we sold the house for a great price! Only catch is we have to be out by Aug 11 (which is complicated because all three of us get back from our vacation on Aug 12 -- i.e. here comes a change in plans).

St. Ignatius Exercises: This week is better. Week One exhausted me -- its tiring to meditate on your own sin. This week I get to meditate on the early life of Christ, which is much less tiring and disturbing!

Heart-Breaking: Tori cried on the phone last night wanting to see me. Let's just say I was online late last night hoping to stumble upon a cheap one-day airfare to go see her. Dammit, none out there.

State of the Church: The last several weeks I told people "everything is great, except for finances!" This week we've had several encouraing things happen in the area of finances (somebody's been praying -- or at least paying), but there have been several "people" issues brewing. Looks like most of those are being resolved, though.

The Weather: I've decided that 113 degrees with no humidity (last week) is somewhat more tolerable than 105 degrees with humidity (this week).


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