Wednesday, July 23, 2003

A Little Bit . . . Week Two

The House: It sold; I'm packing (along with some help, thanks!). The move is on for this Sunday (please help, thanks). I've learned it's harder to pack & move the house than it is to sell it by owner. No offense to realtors, but I'd rather have your job than a mover's job anyday.

St. Ignatuis Exercises: I've finally found a rhythm with this. Now that I know the structure of the exercises, I am making them more personal and real and less forced. I've made it through the life of Christ, up to his last week. The most recent exercises helped me once again weigh my law school decision and find peace with it. Disclaimer: I still can't do the praying to Mary stuff, as open to most Catholic ideas as I am.

The Family: They're in Michigan now. Tori has cried about me being away on the last two Tuesday nights. Odd. This has been too long of a time apart for us, yet I don't know how everything would have worked any other way. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. By the way: a good recipe for depression is to send your family on a multi-week trip, then begin boxing up your entire house.

Apex: After tonight, I will have visited six house churches (plus my own!) during my bachelor time. It has been good to see so many different expressions of church. Although I have been thrust into the middle of some tough issues during this quick tour, I have also come to appreciate what God has been doing with us over the past few years. There's something incredibly simple, yet very good about what I've experienced. A Sidebar: the finances have really improved this month -- amazing.

Other Learnings: It's easier to use one fork, one plate, and one trash can when you are on your own. (don't knock it until you've tried it!). Hanging out late with single people is equally destructive to sleep as having a four-year-old wake up with the sun. You can get stuff done while watching TV if you turn both TVs in the house on to the same show.


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