Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not a "Phone" Person

I'm not really a person who chats much on the phone. I e-mail constantly. I like to get together and hang out. But the phone is kind of a necessary evil for me.

When I'm in "get things done" mode, the phone is a waste often. It merely starts a chain of phone tag that will continue ad infinitum. For a checklist person, you can't check off a task if your one phone call leads to a series of follow-ups.

When I'm just wanting to connect with someone, the phone doesn't do it for me either. Much rather hang out face to face.

So, if I don't call often, it's probably 'cause I'd rather hang out in person. And if I have something short and sweet to say in the meantime, I'll shoot an e-mail.

But, having said that, I really appreciate people who do connect by the phone. Last week Phil Webster called me from Jerusalem. He calls every couple of months or so regardless of the fact that he knows he always has to initiate the phone calling. That's a good friend. Andy Harshman called me this week from Arizona. Every so often he initiates a phone call to keep in touch, as well. I appreciate that. So Andy, Phil, and everyone else who uses that instrument of evil known as the phone for good, here's to you. Keep calling. And I'll keep blogging my appreciation.


Blogger Monarchrist_John said...

I've always found phones to be rather rude devices. If it wasn't bad enough that someone could totally interrupt your most intimate family times in your houser now they insist on interrupting your every thought. Let's give up our cell phones together after I get home. I'm sure Sara would love to have mine anyway.

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