Friday, October 15, 2004

Misc. Stuff

Church: Today I talked with a guy named Chad who lives near Kansas City and has a church of 20 or so people meeting in his house. Hardly a week goes by when I don't talk to somebody who is trying something like that somewhere around the country. As unimpressive as Apex may seem sometimes, our little communiy of communities is being used to encourage a lot of people in a lot of places who are hearing similar whispers as we have heard. That's encouraging.

Painting: We're painting the downstairs of our house. Kelly Parker has done all the difficult parts (we sure owe her one!). Last night I joined Rebekah in painting the living room. For some reason she thought it was "fun" that we were painting together (I'm pretty sure that means we need to get out more, just the two of us).

On the one hand, interior painting scares me. I have poor hand-eye coordination which makes it very scary for a guy like me to paint near things like furniture and carpet. (my dad once spilled a five-gallon container of white paint on a black roof -- I think I inherited that gene from him). On the other hand, I liked painting last night because it is such a tangible accomplishment to see a wall (or even a room) change colors. Most aspects of my life do not involve the reward of "tangible" accomplishment.

Kids: Last night Letterman said that his one-year-old son is the only thing in life so far that has given him "joy." I think I can relate. I've known peace, contentment, and other positive emotions at times. But nothing, until Tori & Lucas came along, has ever given me what I would call "joy."

Law: The law is incredibly complex and difficult. While I'm not here to defend the reputation of all lawyers, I no longer see it as such a crime that they make good money. This stuff aint easy in the least bit.


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