Tuesday, July 08, 2003

8th of July, 2003
Another milestone date is today. Eight years ago on this date, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Rebekah and I entered the journey of marriage together.

We both agree that marriage has brought some of the best times and some of the hardest times of our lives. It has been, in that regard, as advertised!

Saturday night we went out for our Anniversary Dinner. We played a game that we often play, remembering where we spent our anniversary each year. We figure if we do this every year, maybe we will be able to remember all of them even years from now.

So, for those who care, here's the rundown, at least as best as we can remember it.

1st Anniversary (July 1996): road trip from our home on Long Island to Niagra Falls. Scenery great; cake bad.

2nd Anniversary (July 1997): stayed on Long Island, overnight getaway to the Sheraton on the Fourth

3rd Anniversary (July 1998): our first every visit to Vegas! We spent our anniversary at the MGM, then spent a few days visiting friends. Rebekah was pregnant with Tori, which didn't mix well the July heat of Vegas.

4th Anniversary (July 1999): whirlwind trip to Colorado to see friends, see baseball, and attend a conference. Six-month-old Tori was with us. Spent our actual anniversary at the Holiday Inn in Grand Junction on the way home -- it was the day of the big flood here in Vegas. Not the most romantic anniversary for sure.

5th Anniversary (July 2000): three days on the coast of San Diego without Tori. Very nice.

6th Anniversary (July 2001): back to San Diego.

7th Anniversary (July 2002): Overnight getaway to the Paris (Las Vegas), free spa at Mandalay Bay, free gondola ride at the Venetian, a pretty good time.

8th Anniversary (2003): We're doing three days in Chicago in early August, which should be very nice. Tori will be with grandma.

So there you have it. For us, the getaways are always the best memories (kind of like a retreat with only two people attending), so here's to the anniversaries! May there be many more!


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